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Gili & Yoel Azaria Ltd. designs and executes civil engineering projects throughout Israel.Its pace of activity has intensified over the last several years, making it a leader in the fields of infrastructure, building and road construction.

The company has been vying for and winning large civil engineering tenders for top companies and organizations in the Israeli economy.


Our clients include: Netivei Israel (formally Ma'atz), Derech Eretz (the operator of Highway 6), the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety, the Israel Airports Authority, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Defense, Teva, the Ministry of Housing & Construction, the Ministry of Health and Ben Gurion University.





 Yad Sarah Building


This project consisted of the construction of a building for the Yad Sarah Association in Beer Sheva.The work included foundations and frame, electrical, sanitary and air-conditioning systems, elevators, site development and stone and aluminum cladding.



הקמת יד שרה



Gili & Yoel Azaria Ltd. executes projects in all civil engineering fields while applying sophisticated engineering solutions based on innovative work methods and precise quality procedures.

Project developers are often happy to find that our company has been awarded the project since they know and are confident that the project will be executed in the most optimal manner possible and on time.



Our fields of expertise include:


קוביה  Public and residential building


קוביה  Highways and site developmen


קוביה Underground infrastructure and



קוביה  Bridges


קוביה  Pumping stations






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