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גילי ויואל קו


Gili & Yoel Azaria Ltd.

Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd.


Gili & Yoel Azaria Ltd. plans and executes civil engineering projects throughout Israel.

The company began operations in 1999 under the joint management of CEOs Gili and Yoel Azaria, both of whom are civil engineering graduates of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology with background and experience in the management and execution of civil engineering projects.

The company's areas of activities find expression in participation in tenders that include, among other things, public buildings and residential construction, highway construction, bridges, infrastructure, underground utilities and pumping stations.

Gili and Yoel Azaria Ltd. also works on a wide variety of special projects in Israel in cooperation with leading companies in their fields.

Gili & Yoel Azaria Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd., among them Shura Ltd., a civil engineering and construction contracting company, one of the oldest in its field. Click here for an organizational chart of the Oron Group of companies.


The company is headquartered in Beer Sheva, managed and operated by a high-quality professional staff that constitutes a key element in the company's success.This team consists of approximately 100 skilled professionals, among them project managers, engineers, foremen and managerial staff.


The company holds relevant contracting licenses in its areas of activity, is a member of the Association of Contractors & Builders in Israel and is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Standards Institution of Israel.


Our clients include some of the leading companies in the Israeli economy, among them Israel Railways, Netivei Israel - National Transport Infrastructure Company (formally Ma'atz), Derech Eretz, the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety, the Israel Airports Authority, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Defense, Teva, the Ministry of Housing & Construction, Teva Pharmaceuticals, the Ministry of Health and Ben Gurion University.



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Among projects executed by our company

גילי ויואל קו


קוביה  Construction of Highway 40,


קוביה Lahavim Railway Station


קוביה Construction of the Ramot Sports & Recreation Center in Beer Sheva


קוביה Construction of the Ashkelon-Yad Mordechai Railway Line


קוביה Teva Pharmaceuticals Auditorium Building


קוביה And other projects








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