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גילי ויואל קו



"The ability of Gili and Yoel Azaria Ltd. to perform complex large-scale projects speaks for itself."


We are proud to be a construction company whose managers are engineering graduates of the Technion Institute of Technology, employing a staff specializing in the design and execution of complex civil engineering solutions.

We are one of the subsidiaries of Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd., which nurtures stable business growth through fair and professional business conduct.Most projects that we execute are awarded to us following a tendering process.From the moment that we are awarded a tender, we thoroughly study all details of the drawings and make all necessary preparations for execution of the project:scheduling, budget, crews, equipment and materials and purchasing agreements that are needed so that a superior quality project will be executed under precise management and on time.

During the project, we are supported by an advanced enterprise resource management system – ERP – owned and developed by the company that assists us in financial management, procurement processes, monitoring time schedules and budget compliance.

Our expertise covers all aspects of civil engineering so that we can propose comprehensive solutions in order to provide a complete and precise solution for the entire project fairly and transparently with an enhanced commitment to service.




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